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Save the Sound

Working in both New York and Connecticut, Save the Sound has established a 40-year track record of restoring and protecting the waters and shorelines of the Sound. Our success is based on scientific knowledge, legal expertise, and thousands of ordinary people teaming up to give a little and make a big difference.

Save the Sound is working for a cleaner, healthier, more vibrant Long Island Sound, where humans and marine life can prosper year-round. Our goals:

(1) Make our beaches safe for swimming all the time.
(2) Make our waters healthy for fish and wildlife.
(3) Restore habitats and rebuild thriving fish stocks.
(4) Protect our critical riverfronts and coastal areas.

NEW: Take the Long Island Sound Pledge!

NEW: Check out our report card on NY's sewage treatment plants and explore the interactive map!

Share our Vision and Excitement!

Over the next ten years, with your engagement and support, we can make major strides on our goals. We have the Sound's largest legal and legislative staff. Our habitat restoration and green projects team is the only group on the Sound with deep engineering and construction management experience and training. With your volunteer and financial support, together we can Save the Sound!

Join Us!

  • For a gathering, a presentation, a conversation. Get to know us better. Together, we can create a lasting positive impact on the Sound and make our vision a reality.
  • Take the Long Island Sound Pledge! Lots of people taking lots of small, simple steps can make a big difference for the Sound.
  • You can make a difference with your financial support—become a member today to keep Save the Sound growing.
  • Join our citizen action network. Learn about upcoming events, things you can do in your own backyard for a healthier Sound, and opportunities to reach out to your elected officials to make a difference.
  • Read our blog, Green Cities Blue Waters, for information on environmental issues and recaps of our events. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Celebrate and enjoy the Sound by visiting your local beaches. If you live in Westchester or Nassau counties, you can follow our Sound Swim Alerts to find out when it's safe to swim.
  • Invite us to your club, association, organization, or house of worship. Save the Sound is happy to give a brief presentation on how we can work together for the benefit of the whole Sound. We're eager to know you better too!


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